Windsor Bridge, Forever Changed

Oil Paint on canvas, ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

This painting is of what we call the beach at Windsor


Windsor Bridge, Forever Changed

What a spot to catch a fish ,
Where families come and sit.
With the old Windsor Bridge,
Settled across the Hawkesbury width

This sight is now forever changed,
As progress takes a hold,
And even with the constant cries,
To stop this, they were told.

No! this bridgedoes flood a lot,
No! They do not stand a chance.
Progress is the way it will go,
It doesn’t matter how much they dance.

So I’ve captured this little bridge of ours
A scene that is no more.
To remind us of what was,
And what went before

Art and poetry
By Annmaree Mitchell

  • Annmaree Mitchell
  • Oil paint applications pallet knife and brush

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